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06 November 2007 @ 07:21 pm
Domain Stuff  
well, finally, a domain update.

Nippon Ichi got a new layout finally. I like it a lot. I'm working on a matching one for my Chun-Li fanlisting :)

Sexy Beam, the fansite for Jessica from Dragon Quest 8 finally has some content. been playing again. I felt bad for putting it up with only a layout and then nothing really there. But now there is stuff being added on a daily basis.

Kremlin Dusk got a few minor updates. mostly spelling, etc. I plan on sitting down soon and writing those articles i have listed.

Ring My Bell, my lyrics site is going to get an update soon. I have stuff i need to upload. i've been working on stuff but not uploading. owaranai_mono is also going to get an icon update soon. Himitsu will also be getting an update soon, i've taken caps and stuff for some episodes. just need to make the pages. Sacrification will also be getting a revamp soon, mainly a new layout.

My feelings toward my domain have been happy and sad lately. Happy cause i love my very tiny little section on Airi's domain. XD Also was happy to notice some domains recently added me to their list of links. Also, Mansa of Nazuki.net has my taki and anna williams sprite on her front page. FTW. omg. i had a squeegasm. I love her anna willias and maxi shrine.

However i was also a little sad, some girl sent me an email recently saying my domain was basically crap and didn't have much on it. Thats true i suppose, i don't have as much as others. Thats also because i work slowly, and a lot of the sites i have aren't definite update sites. It made me feel kinda motivated to work more on it, to prove her wrong though. i admit most of my domain is fanlistings. However i do plan on having quite a bit eventually. I've actually been working on something pretty big behind the scenes. It also makes me wonder, is my domain even that well known? i don't nesc. expect it to be but it just makes me wonder, do very many people even know of its existence? lol.

note to self: my domain needs a revamp and new layout.

EDIT: i knew i forgot something.... Utsukushii Hotaru, my sprite website got an update.
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