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22 August 2007 @ 09:37 pm
2 revamps  
2 of my sites just got a revamp...meaning new layout + fixed up content. these 2 are

My Domain!. Omg this layout took forever to do. total revamp and everything of this took me all day. but i like the layout. took me forever, and i don't think its something i've really done before style wise. plus it features lovely complex XD. I really don't like the images i used for the sister sites though. =/ i need to find better ones.

other site that got a revamp was:
Sweet Harmony. my chai xianghua site. sometimes i wonder why i keep it, cause it seemed like after i made mine billions of other people made one x.x; only people i know of that had one before me was Airi and two other people, but theres was mostly dead. not even having SC2 info on it. ANYWAYS, the site got a new layout finally ( i was hoping for some SC4 art by now :( ) and i plan on adding a few things finally soon. just need to go back and play.

Kremlin Dusk will get a media update soon. plus some info. Sexy Beam should get info soon hopefully x.x; and Banshee Queen should get some more info soon too.
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