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18 August 2007 @ 12:40 am
The realllly long update post  
Ahhh i'm so sorry i haven't posted much here lately. I've been working on stuff here and there on my domain. Let me explain what is new and whats been updated at E-D.com

New Stuff:

In The Spotlight -- The Fanlisting and fansite for Kyushima Misachi now has a new home with me. Thanks Wapiko! I love Kyushima and i think other people should too. I was a little worried about the layout, since i had to make it in photoshop 5.0 but i am rather pleased. I just wish i could make that php error go away. can you guys look at it and let me know if its an error you know how to fix?

Immoral Templar -- The fanlisting for Angelo (Kukule) from Dragon Quest 8, i love love love this game and i love him and Jessica so much. I adopted this from Rahenna. I still need to make more codes but she was kind enough to let me keep everything. even the layout. which was soo nice. cause i have crappy photoshop 5.0 right now.

Banshee Queen -- This is my fanlisting and slowly building fansite to the Sylvanas Windrunner, of Warcraft Fame. I like the layout quite a bit and i really want to build of this fansite. don't think its common to see a fansite for someone from a MMORPG. You should check it out!

Ring My Bell -- Ok so last summer i started a lyrics site on my domain but then deleted it cause i hated doing html for every page. so i deleted it again. However with the Asian Wiki getting rid of lyrics pages, i decided to save them and put them up again. this time in a nice lazy .txt way XD. This opened a little awhile ago, i've just been taking forever to talk about it.

Updated Sites

Utsukushii Hotaru -- My sprite site got a minor update the other day, added a few SM sprites. That was about it =/ I want to make more but i haven't had motivation lately.

Himawari -- Previously known as Dustbunnies, this is now just my TCG site. Spankin new layout, though i will probably change it again. Need to change the info for it on my domain.

Himitsu -- My SM blooper/small detail site got another small update. Finally added the episode 21 page! I need to find a place that has good quality SuperS episodes, cause i need to take screencaps for those episodes.

and last but not least...the evil to do list:

Sweet Harmony (new layout + clean up + some info)
Some older fanlistings (new layouts needed badly + some codes)

Mia Fey fanlisting (this is long past its due date >.>;; got sidetracked by adopting)
Izanami Fanlisting (yay for japanese goddess)

Virgin Ears (go to url to see why =/)
Ishtar Fanlisting (i love ishtar a lot....and so i applied but i can't find much material to make a fanlisting)
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