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05 May 2007 @ 12:54 pm
Updated Need to Do list + 2 Site Updates  
2 new site updates....i've done a link section just for my domain. you can view it here. I really love the layout i made for it....XD but the SM section is not up yet since I need to find more fansites.

another layout done is for Utsukushii Hotaru. i know its a total ripoff layout wise of my links one but who cares...i really like that style at the moment. So tada.

I wrote more for Kremlin Dusk....and then i started to work on Sexy Beam! a bit.

Other things i Need to get done:
1.) New layout for Dustbunnies
2.) Re-do layouts for some fanlistings
3.) Make more codes for fanlistings
4.) Make 1 decks for Trading Academy
5.) Possibly a new layout for Kremlin Dusk already
6.) Make an upcoming/wishlist for sites i want to do on domain.
7.) Possibly redo some of the stuff on Sweet Harmony.
8.) Turn hitmitsu into SM only
9.) Finishing doing lyrics of COSMICOLOR for wiki.theppn.org
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