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05 May 2020 @ 04:41 pm

Friends Only:
  • Please Add Me First (people already on my friends list and see this don't worry.)
  • I may not update all the time, i'm more active at GJ then here
  • I have now moved my graphics to owaranai_mono
  • Only entries that are public are for those related to my domain.
    気持ち: hornyhorny
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    13 December 2011 @ 11:59 pm
    yes i'm still alive...heh. life has been hectic, everything has been hectic. but hey icon journal plug!!

    owaranai_mono owaranai_mono owaranai_mono owaranai_mono owaranai_mono owaranai_mono owaranai_mono owaranai_mono owaranai_mono
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    23 November 2010 @ 01:27 pm
    oh hai there! i kinda forgot about LJ. Nothing much has been happening. I had a second interview with Macy's but still can't get a hold of them to find out how i did. boooo.

    Also introduced myself and talked a little to the woman in charge of hiring at Safeway, since i used to work for one in California. She seemed excited i had past experience but they just hired people i guess. Cailtin got a job there about a month ago working as a Starbucks Barista. Thankfully Michelle, the woman who is in charge of hiring heard about me a little already from Caitlin (go Caitlin!) and said she would definatly keep me in mind when it came time to hire more people.

    But still in the meantime i'm unemployed. still. boo.

    In other news, i really want to play a TCG thats about females in anime/manga and videogames. Theres Athenian, but i really don't like the template. I should make one, but i already have Endless Story. @_@
    気持ち: contemplativecontemplative
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    06 September 2010 @ 06:23 pm
    just spent the past 5/6 hours slaving away on Endless Story. I think i have a pretty solid layout graphics wise, now comes the coding. once coding done its time to rewrite....everything. >.>;;

    On a random coding note, i really want pop up windows for my cards. wish i could get it to look nicely for my vertical decks. no matter what i do it still shows toolbars and crap on them. i think its just my firefox. but whatever. i'm too tired to nitpick with it.

    On another random note, i haven't eaten yet today....thats what happens when i go web designing i guess. lol. i go for hours without sleep or eating.
    気持ち: workingworking
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    30 December 2008 @ 02:35 am
    hahahaha i finally found you kyushima misachi!! seriously, been trying to figure out where she went after being dropped suddenly.


    guess i need to update in the spotlight now. lol.
    気持ち: chipperchipper
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    16 December 2008 @ 12:50 am
    i've been so dead here i know....i'm sorry. this is actually a minor domain update.

    my domain needs a new layout...i've been trying to come up with one, we'll see. my PE one has been up since march =/

    things i need to do:
    new layout for ED
    clean out dead links in kiss me good-bye & add some new ones.
    add more info to sexy beam
    add more info to banshee queen
    new layout for sacrification
    subdomain layout/info for SM stuff
    new layout for wonderland
    sos signal is no longer a fanlisting =/ but i want to open a small fansite for it.
    make more sprites for utsukushii hotaru....possibly new layout

    things i did:
    fixed broken links on ED
    new layout for himawari..still working on some kinks
    posted notice on kremlin dusk and sweet harmony
    added some much needed content to himitsu...more on the way!
    created a jmusic release news blog! check it out at kikoeru?
    added random tcg templates to himawari.

    i feel like i'm missing some things....

    気持ち: coldcold
    音楽: Suzuki Ami - TEN
    24 May 2008 @ 05:57 pm
    Finally some Domain Updates! D: Sorry for the wait. argh.

    List of Domain Stuff Done:
    --) 404 Page finally made!
    --) Fanlistings and collective moved from http://www.ephemeral-dream.com/wonderland/ to http://fan.ephemeral-dream.com/
    --) Cleared out Links in Kiss Me Good-bye and added new ones
    --) Upcoming List Updated

    List of Domain Stuff to Do Still:
    --) New Layout to celebrate 2 years!
    --) Create more Link Buttons
    --) New layout + revamp for Sacrification
    --) New Layout for Sweet Harmony
    --) Reopen Virgin Ears?

    Sites that Were Updated/Created:
    --) Kremlin Dusk got a much needed new layout and SC4 artwork added.
    --) Sweet Harmony had SC4 artwork, etc. added.
    --) Ring my Bell just got a new layout plus lyrics added.
    --) Confluence is no longer just a photobucket account but an icon image gallery on my domain.

    im sure i'm forgetting something D:
    気持ち: busybusy
    音楽: Tomiko Van - Mosaic
    15 March 2008 @ 07:30 pm
    気持ち: satisfiedsatisfied
    音楽: Aerosmith - Drop Dead Gorgeous
    06 March 2008 @ 05:11 pm
    Well, i've been kinda getting back into webdesign. I recently made new layouts for Utsukushii Hotaru and Ring My Bell. They should be getting new updates soon.

    I also plan on updating Sweet Harmony (my xianghua tribute) very soon because of recently released pics for SC4, in which she was confirmed as a playable character once more. I like that they are giving her a sort of updated look on her 3P outfit from SC.
    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

    Thats all for now, sorry for my lack of activity. D:
    気持ち: ditzyditzy
    音楽: ayaka - Clap & Love
    25 January 2008 @ 03:20 pm
    I leave for minnesota on monday. i'm so excited :x

    sorry i haven't been posting much, i've been busy working and getting ready for my trip. expect some icon posts soon.

    and oh yeah, new layout at ED.com. ^^ still need to fix some things......and i'm too lazy to fix the backwards writing on her shirt...but oh well. XD;;
    気持ち: lazylazy
    音楽: Spice & Wolf - Ringo Hyori
    11 January 2008 @ 11:13 pm
    Things i need to do for domain:

    -- New Layout for ED
    -- More Content for Banshee Queen
    -- Write of some of the articles for Kremlin Dusk
    -- Work more on an upcoming site
    -- Check for updates on Kyshima Misachi
    -- Clear Out/Add Links to Kiss Me Goodbye
    -- Revamp Sacrification
    -- Add some caps i have lying around for Himitsu
    -- Add more content to Sexy Beam!
    -- Add some recently made sprites to Utsukushii Hotaru
    -- Make a personal site
    気持ち: busybusy
    06 November 2007 @ 07:21 pm
    well, finally, a domain update.

    Nippon Ichi got a new layout finally. I like it a lot. I'm working on a matching one for my Chun-Li fanlisting :)

    Sexy Beam, the fansite for Jessica from Dragon Quest 8 finally has some content. been playing again. I felt bad for putting it up with only a layout and then nothing really there. But now there is stuff being added on a daily basis.

    Kremlin Dusk got a few minor updates. mostly spelling, etc. I plan on sitting down soon and writing those articles i have listed.

    Ring My Bell, my lyrics site is going to get an update soon. I have stuff i need to upload. i've been working on stuff but not uploading. owaranai_mono is also going to get an icon update soon. Himitsu will also be getting an update soon, i've taken caps and stuff for some episodes. just need to make the pages. Sacrification will also be getting a revamp soon, mainly a new layout.

    My feelings toward my domain have been happy and sad lately. Happy cause i love my very tiny little section on Airi's domain. XD Also was happy to notice some domains recently added me to their list of links. Also, Mansa of Nazuki.net has my taki and anna williams sprite on her front page. FTW. omg. i had a squeegasm. I love her anna willias and maxi shrine.

    However i was also a little sad, some girl sent me an email recently saying my domain was basically crap and didn't have much on it. Thats true i suppose, i don't have as much as others. Thats also because i work slowly, and a lot of the sites i have aren't definite update sites. It made me feel kinda motivated to work more on it, to prove her wrong though. i admit most of my domain is fanlistings. However i do plan on having quite a bit eventually. I've actually been working on something pretty big behind the scenes. It also makes me wonder, is my domain even that well known? i don't nesc. expect it to be but it just makes me wonder, do very many people even know of its existence? lol.

    note to self: my domain needs a revamp and new layout.

    EDIT: i knew i forgot something.... Utsukushii Hotaru, my sprite website got an update.
    気持ち: busybusy
    音楽: MEG - Amai Zeitaku
    22 August 2007 @ 09:37 pm
    2 of my sites just got a revamp...meaning new layout + fixed up content. these 2 are

    My Domain!. Omg this layout took forever to do. total revamp and everything of this took me all day. but i like the layout. took me forever, and i don't think its something i've really done before style wise. plus it features lovely complex XD. I really don't like the images i used for the sister sites though. =/ i need to find better ones.

    other site that got a revamp was:
    Sweet Harmony. my chai xianghua site. sometimes i wonder why i keep it, cause it seemed like after i made mine billions of other people made one x.x; only people i know of that had one before me was Airi and two other people, but theres was mostly dead. not even having SC2 info on it. ANYWAYS, the site got a new layout finally ( i was hoping for some SC4 art by now :( ) and i plan on adding a few things finally soon. just need to go back and play.

    Kremlin Dusk will get a media update soon. plus some info. Sexy Beam should get info soon hopefully x.x; and Banshee Queen should get some more info soon too.
    気持ち: sicksick
    音楽: Bonnie Pink - Water Me
    18 August 2007 @ 12:40 am
    Ahhh i'm so sorry i haven't posted much here lately. I've been working on stuff here and there on my domain. Let me explain what is new and whats been updated at E-D.com

    New Stuff:

    In The Spotlight -- The Fanlisting and fansite for Kyushima Misachi now has a new home with me. Thanks Wapiko! I love Kyushima and i think other people should too. I was a little worried about the layout, since i had to make it in photoshop 5.0 but i am rather pleased. I just wish i could make that php error go away. can you guys look at it and let me know if its an error you know how to fix?

    Immoral Templar -- The fanlisting for Angelo (Kukule) from Dragon Quest 8, i love love love this game and i love him and Jessica so much. I adopted this from Rahenna. I still need to make more codes but she was kind enough to let me keep everything. even the layout. which was soo nice. cause i have crappy photoshop 5.0 right now.

    Banshee Queen -- This is my fanlisting and slowly building fansite to the Sylvanas Windrunner, of Warcraft Fame. I like the layout quite a bit and i really want to build of this fansite. don't think its common to see a fansite for someone from a MMORPG. You should check it out!

    Ring My Bell -- Ok so last summer i started a lyrics site on my domain but then deleted it cause i hated doing html for every page. so i deleted it again. However with the Asian Wiki getting rid of lyrics pages, i decided to save them and put them up again. this time in a nice lazy .txt way XD. This opened a little awhile ago, i've just been taking forever to talk about it.

    Updated Sites

    Utsukushii Hotaru -- My sprite site got a minor update the other day, added a few SM sprites. That was about it =/ I want to make more but i haven't had motivation lately.

    Himawari -- Previously known as Dustbunnies, this is now just my TCG site. Spankin new layout, though i will probably change it again. Need to change the info for it on my domain.

    Himitsu -- My SM blooper/small detail site got another small update. Finally added the episode 21 page! I need to find a place that has good quality SuperS episodes, cause i need to take screencaps for those episodes.

    and last but not least...the evil to do list:

    Sweet Harmony (new layout + clean up + some info)
    Some older fanlistings (new layouts needed badly + some codes)

    Mia Fey fanlisting (this is long past its due date >.>;; got sidetracked by adopting)
    Izanami Fanlisting (yay for japanese goddess)

    Virgin Ears (go to url to see why =/)
    Ishtar Fanlisting (i love ishtar a lot....and so i applied but i can't find much material to make a fanlisting)
    気持ち: busybusy
    音楽: Morning Musume - Egao Yes Nude
    23 July 2007 @ 08:32 pm
    Well i just finished 2 new fanlistings!

    Chicago -- The Gunsmith Cats anime and manga series fanlisting. Its an awesome action packed series! Looking for any anime series to affiliate with.

    Banshee Queen -- The Sylvanas Windrunner fanlisting. I'm so nerdy i know, making a World of Warcraft fanlisting. I hope to eventually turn it into a fansite as well, i already started on some areas. Blizzard + Warcraft related stuff only.

    Also, i'll be adopting 3 new fanlistings: Renamon (thanks soularia!), Angelo from DQ8 and Slimes from the DQ series (thanks Rahenna!).

    Eclipse -- the renamon fanlisting i'm adopting from soularia is almost done. just need member list, affiliates and i need to make some codes. Btw soularia can i use the codes you have or do you want me to just make some?
    気持ち: accomplishedaccomplished
    音楽: D&D - Brand New Love
    29 June 2007 @ 08:06 pm
    Kremlin Dusk got quite a few updates! First off the enlish voice section has been revised. Her list of weapons have been added, info on her weapon style has been added. Fixed up some small spelling and grammatical errors around the site that I caught. Biggest news? I have put up scans (although they are rather bad IMHO) that i found of Tira in SC4! They've changed her. I dunno if i like yet or not =/ But you can find them in the media section.

    Things I plan on doing soon at KD:
    Page about Ravens
    Her Costumes
    Credits Section
    Add the codes I made to the fanlisting
    Finding better scans of Tira.
    Find an image of Tira's English voice actress
    気持ち: accomplishedaccomplished
    音楽: Noodles - Cover Me Shakespeare
    27 May 2007 @ 09:12 pm
    I need help -_-;

    So i'm trying to add Nancy's Sophitia/Cassandra fanlisting but the image won't show up! Its driving me nuts. I went to check the path under the properties of my tira fanlisting and is what i thought: "/home/ephemera/public_html/tira/aff/" and i changed the aff folder to 777 cause i didn't have it as that before. But it still won't work. so i thought i would need to set the "tira" folder as 777 for some reason and i did and it gave me the 500 error...so i changed it back. but i still can't get it to work -_-;

    Anyone know what else i can do or what i'm doing wrong? I need to add affs soon. ><;
    気持ち: stressedstressed
    音楽: Tegomas - Kimi + Boku = Love?
    26 May 2007 @ 01:09 am

    Kremlin Dusk

    The fanlisting for Soul Calibur III's Tira is now Open!! Go and join! Spead the love! Thanks so much Airi!


    ED.net turns 1 year old on May 28th

    which is Monday. so to celebrate...new layout!!

    i'm pretty proud of it...i spent like 6 hours coding and designing... little iffy on the affiliates pics though.....couldn't decide weither to do MvC2 females or RE females...anyway. check it out.
    気持ち: excitedexcited
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    13 May 2007 @ 05:09 am
    Hey Airi. Just wanted to let you know that i'm ready for that Tira fanlisting whenever you are.

    not done with the fansite. but i have enough done to "open" it i suppose.

    made a new layout for Wonderland, my fanlisting collective, I like it a lot actually. simplistic yet not. I got my inspiration from Riley's mars layout at Fire-Dancer.net. Hope it didn't come out too much like it ._.

    気持ち: tiredtired
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    05 May 2007 @ 12:54 pm
    2 new site updates....i've done a link section just for my domain. you can view it here. I really love the layout i made for it....XD but the SM section is not up yet since I need to find more fansites.

    another layout done is for Utsukushii Hotaru. i know its a total ripoff layout wise of my links one but who cares...i really like that style at the moment. So tada.

    I wrote more for Kremlin Dusk....and then i started to work on Sexy Beam! a bit.

    Other things i Need to get done:
    1.) New layout for Dustbunnies
    2.) Re-do layouts for some fanlistings
    3.) Make more codes for fanlistings
    4.) Make 1 decks for Trading Academy
    5.) Possibly a new layout for Kremlin Dusk already
    6.) Make an upcoming/wishlist for sites i want to do on domain.
    7.) Possibly redo some of the stuff on Sweet Harmony.
    8.) Turn hitmitsu into SM only
    9.) Finishing doing lyrics of COSMICOLOR for wiki.theppn.org
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